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Working with exceptional leaders who want to take their organizations from status quo to status grow.

It happens to all of us, at some point, our organization feels like it is stuck or moving left or right but not forward.  Despite all efforts it feels like the organization is in sticky glue.  We help you create the culture, leadership, vision and business processes, to solve the problems you want solved in the world.
We help you get unglued and achieve breakthrough momentum.

We help you redefine your organization’s effectiveness as continuously improving your ability to perform.
Status quo?  No more.

Does Your Organization Lack Focus?

Are you challenged with underperforming systems & processes or people & culture? It may be in your organizational DNA. And the sad fact is imbalance does lead to a loss of employment engagement, customer satisfaction and decreased profits.

‘Organizational DNA’? It’s the principle that every organization has a soul and is made up of DNA. Just as we need to feed our human soul, we need to care for the soul of an organization. Double stranded Human DNA creates stability.  But usually in organizations we focus separately on each strand of the organizational DNA – systems or people but rarely do we integrate the two.

And yet we need both strands integrated to survive and create stability as an organization.

Whether you are a small business owner, leader in a corporation or public entity, or individual contributor, overcoming challenges can be defining moments in the drive towards success. The ability to address the foreseen and unforeseen obstacles that are encountered is often what separates the outstanding performers from the poor performers.

Here’s how CEO, Inc. can help:

  • CEO consultants and coaches have worked with others in your industry and know the challenges they have faced

  • CEO consultants and coaches can maintain an objective viewpoint, free from emotions and stress that can cloud the different possibilities

  • The consultants and coaches at CEO are masters of helping people shift their perspectives, creating discovery and opening up possibilities never imagined

Leaders at all levels, from front line supervisors to executives, who want to be successful in running productive, highly engaged and profitable organizations hire Ileana for their events.

Her presentations provide the perfect balance of “Why you” and “How to” that will take your thinking and your organization to the next level. You will walk through her transformative B.E.L.I.E.F. process and leave with a restored sense of possibility. You’ll walk away knowing that an effective organization and strong culture are possible!

If you want a high-performance organization that provides rewarding work with the earned reputation as an excellent employer, her proven processes take an organization from status quo to status grow.

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My team has never been so engaged and focused as it was with Ileana, nor have I ever been given such valuable tools for developing myself and others as a leader.  You helped us solve a problem in 10 minutes that we have struggled with for a year.

Jack Cooney, CEO of Somero Enterprises

Ileana impressed me with her ability to weave in models and examples from many years in industry and consulting that hit the bullseye.  It is clear she is a superior sage, guru, leader and coach.  She doesn’t bring ego into the mix to the great benefit of the audience.

Mark Anderson , Director of Nevada Industry Excellence

You are one of the greatest gifts Reno brought to me.  You changed my world and made it fun to look in the mirror and learn.

Debbie Loizides , Sr. Channel Exec at Intacct Corporation

Ileana has proven to be a great asset in facilitating planning meetings and projects involving complex issues.  Her approach lends itself to one that is open, inviting; and challenges participants to expand their thinking beyond current perspectives.  The outcomes of these facilitated sessions have exceeded expectations and yielded positive results.

Sheryl Westad, Retired (former Customer Care Leader, Intuit Inc.)