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  • Building High Performance Teams in the context of your work and your organization – real time, so that employees take more positive and productive relationships into their daily work? Bonus – employees implement the team building in daily interactions!

  • Learn your team’s core competencies – and how to harness each other’s strengths? Bonus – maximizes your team’s productivity!

  • Progress through the stages of team evolution in a way that maximizes the team’s performance in the least amount of time with the least amount of stress? Bonus – your team is prepared to succeed!

We start with an assessment of your team to determine the strengths of each individual on your team and the strengths of your team. We use the information from the assessment to teach everyone on your team how to harness the strengths of each individual and how to harness your team’s overall strength. By capitalizing on each individual’s strength and the strengths of the overall team, your team’s productivity and collaboration are maximized.

Building High Performance Teams engages your team in real work rather than in contrived activities. We focus on giving your team feedback in the moment on their team skills, both as individuals and as a whole team. Your team experiences team building that is directly relatable to day to day interactions giving you a team that carries its team building skills into its day to day work and maximizes its performance.

We give you, the leader, a road map for how to lead your team, given where it is in its evolutionary cycle. You will accelerate the team’s performance in the least amount of time with the least amount of stress.

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