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Leadership Development

DNA Road Map Leadership Development

Do you want:

  • Training for supervisory, managerial and executive levels that is conducted within the context of their work environment, not with fake role plays, so you see results in the workplace after the training?  Bonus – your organization’s leaders achieve their full potential and you see results!
  • Leadership coaching that uses a supervisory, managerial and executive level excellence framework that includes just in time training as well as a leadership development plan?  Bonus – you have a thought partner and champion dedicated to your growth!
  • To see skill levels measured before and after training and leadership coaching? Bonus – results you can see!
  • Fine tune your strategic thinking?
  • Increase alignment in your organization and achieve organizational goals faster with greater ease?
  • Build a stronger team?
  • Develop your team members so they can delegate more, worry less and pay attention to what is really important?
  • Improve your ability to influence and impact, build networks and navigate the political waters of the organization?
  • Change the culture of the organization to a high performance culture?
  • Fine tune your emotional intelligence?

CEO delivers executive coaching and leadership training that not only helps you accomplish all of the above, but increases your leadership competencies on the average by 50%-60% and increases the performance of your departments/organization you lead by an average of 20-40%.

We teach and coach a managerial model that helps managers:

  • Plan the work for their department by setting goals which are aligned to the vision and strategic plan of the organization.
  • Delegate the work in a way that both inspires and develops the employees, while creating role clarity.
  • Monitor the work in ways that hold employees accountable, using data systems and well defined processes.
  • Motivate employees in a way that helps them work at their full potential and builds high performing teams.

We teach and coach a leadership model that helps leaders:

  • Be strategic and critical thinkers.
  • Build partnerships and coalitions to get results.
  • Become politically savvy.
  • Transform systems to create innovation.
  • Measure and evaluate outcomes.
  • Facilitate environments of cooperation and collaboration to achieve results.
  • Demonstrate character and emotional intelligence.
  • Communicate clear expectations and meaningful outcomes.
  • Mobilize knowledge.

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