Topic 1

From Status Quo to Status Grow

Blaze a Trail to Increased Profitability

Most organizations suffer from an overwhelming number of reports and metrics. When we ask how many of these reports and metrics drive action, we usually get crickets. And yet, organizations are very protective and reluctant to throw them out. Measurements that are not actionable make for ineffective action. They keep everyone stuck in the status quo.

Blazing a trail to breakthrough results demands identifying the mountain worth climbing and then establishing the metrics that will get you there. It means systematizing daily progress on the new trail to help everyone momentarily step out of the whirlwind of daily work.

Find your new frontier:

  • Implement the six steps of Operational Excellence
  • Find out why all metrics are not created equal
  • Uncover the secret to daily organizational progress on breakthrough objectives

What is your next horizon?

Topic 2

Supercharge Your Performance with B.E.L.I.E.F Intelligence.

The Missing Link in Shaping Exceptional Leaders and Thriving Organizations

Ileana Vassiliou boldly challenges the status quo of what it means to be an extraordinary leader. Emotional Intelligence is an extremely important mile marker on the journey to becoming an exceptional leader, yet it is not the destination. Shift into higher gear by fueling your Emotional Intelligence with B.E.L.I.E.F Intelligence. In this engaging and game-changing presentation, Ms. Vassiliou guides you through the “Why you” and “How to” that will reinvent your thinking, catapult your performance, and supercharge your organization.

Learn how great leaders:

  • Implement the six proven B.E.L.I.E.F. keys to supercharge results
  • Apply an easy framework and eliminate common limiting beliefs that diminish leadership and performance
  • Inspire employees and fire up results by progressing through the four stages of leadership maturity

Take Action… and be the kind of leader people want to follow

Topic 3

IMperfect is the NEW Perfect

How to Create “A-Players” on Your Team

How do you inspire every employee to bring his/her “A-game” every single day? How do you create teams with great players who don’t want to let each other down, but lift each other up? These questions and more are answered in this impactful and stimulating presentation. Ileana challenges you to shift to a new paradigm, by learning to leverage vulnerability and fueling with feedback.

Be an imperfectly perfect player who scores and wins in every game you play.

Learn how to:

  • Embrace imperfection and build stronger interdependent team members
  • Make feedback something everyone craves and applies
  • Deliver empowering rather than debilitating feedback in six easy steps

Take action with imperfection and create an “A Team”.

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