Unparalleled Leader

Even though I was warmed by the heat of my husband’s body, the chill still crept through the too thin blanket.  Living in Communist Romania meant cold nights of no heat.  I struggled to stay awake.  I could hear his breathing finally deepen and settle.  Time to get up.  I moved slowly and gentled my steps [...]

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Emergenetics: The Makings of a Great Leader

Emergenetics is an instrument that identifies thought and behavior preferences. There is no one preferred Emergenetics profile for a leadership position or for that matter any particular job. Emergenetics does not measure skills, only preferences. What IS important for any leader is to recognize their individual skill strengths and passions (preferences) and to recognize the skills [...]

Forward Momentum: The Human Side of Strategic Planning

Why do I make such a big deal out of organizational DNA?  I believe that business systems/processes and the human side of business need to be treated together and not separately in order to get breakthrough results.  Just as double stranded human DNA creates stability in humans, organizational DNA, when the human and business side are [...]

Leadership: Ego and Passion

Tomoe_Gozen Artist Depiction by Kikuchi Yosai (1781-1878) My stomach is so contracted it feels as small and as hard as a nut.  My tongue feels swollen and my mouth is dry and cracked.  My muscles are wobbly and shake with each step.  Stop, Hajime.  These sensations are not worthy of a samurai.  Just one [...]

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