Emergenetics is an instrument that identifies thought and behavior preferences. There is no one preferred Emergenetics profile for a leadership position or for that matter any particular job. Emergenetics does not measure skills, only preferences.

What IS important for any leader is to recognize their individual skill strengths and passions (preferences) and to recognize the skills sets and passions (preferences) of those who work for them, then and only then can they get the most productivity and passion out of themselves and those who work for them.

Emergenetics is an insight tool. With Emergenetics, individuals have the power to look inward to deepen their awareness of how they prefer to think, behave, work, learn, communicate and go about life. For me, Emergenetics explained to me better than any other tool I have used, my passions and strengths.

I never felt like any other tool “got me”.  Later I found out that it is because I am one of 35% of the population that has preferences in three of four thought preferences.  Most of the population, 57%, has two thought preferences.  So I did not feel pigeonholed. What I love about Emergenetics is that it is so data-driven.

When I first got my profile I had a huge “aha”.  All my life I felt like there was something wrong with me because I felt so different from other people.  When I got my profile I finally realized why.  My thought preferences are in the extreme as compared to the rest of the population, so of course, I felt different.  The tool helped me accept myself and learn how to better communicate my ideas much more effectively.

As a result, the tool has helped me with career choices and getting the most joy out of my work.  The tool has ultimately given me the gift of a better relationship with myself, with clients and my family.

In my work, I have seen this tool increase the productivity of individuals and of teams by 25-40% simply by virtue of leveraging each other’s strengths.  This tool can be accessed over the web from anywhere and only takes 20 minutes to complete.