Over a decade ago, Ileana Vassiliou founded Creating Effective Organizations, to expand her sphere of influence in healing the world of work.

When you stop to think about it, we are all dysfunctional to some degree or other and when we put a group of dysfunctional people together in an organization, we are bound to get some dysfunction.

Ileana is armed with an MBA and numerous soft skill certifications such as a coaching certification. Her focus is to increase leadership skills in the world of work that would help some of the dysfunction, like how to create the cycles of accomplishment and recognition. Over the last decade, she has worked with over 1,000 leaders and found most of them skilled at getting business results or skilled on the people side, rarely does CEO find leaders who can integrate both.

In her zeal for continuously finding better ways to help leaders and the world of work, Creating Effective Organizations is using a management/leadership system called Operational Excellence. It is not a software system but a disciplined systematic way to run a department or an entire organization that takes an organization from status quo to status grow AND help leaders be effective at both the business and human side of leading.
It is the only system we have found, so far, that simultaneously creates wins for customers internal/external, employees and the bottom line.

Most departments or companies vacillate from chasing one goal such as customer excellence to the detriment of another, such as the bottom line. This system enables a department or entire organization to have visibility of all three at the same time. AND a mechanism for improving all three at the same time.

This system forces leaders to be good at both the business and human side of business because it requires engaging employees at all levels.

When I say it takes a department or company from status quo to status grow. I mean it. Because my experience tells me regardless of industry that typically in four months’ time, I don’t know why that is a magic number, a department/organization can expect a 30% improvement.

Our latest Operational Excellence success is with an IT department of 280 employees. Historically their turn over ran 20%. We got it down to 3.7% which saved $580K a year in turn over costs. By implementing the Operational Excellence leadership/management system they increased the uptime of IT systems by 50% in 4 months (that magic number again).

Clients We’ve Helped Grow

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Work with CEO to find your Organizational Excellence

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“Ileana’s extensive background and tested tools are merely the resources she leverages to develop and coach executives. However, it’s her patience, positive approach and ability to listen and really hear what is being said and not said that makes her a remarkable coach. Because of the skills that she has provided me, I’m a better leader, communicator and manager and feel that she has given me the skills and resources for ongoing growth and success.”

Lisa O’Masta , CEO Illustrative Mathematics

Leadership Development:

Ileana created a class for all supervisors and managers on coaching for optimal performance.  The elements from the classes were incorporated into the manager’s evaluations (part of Ileana’s program).  For a casino I feel we got good long-term results (turnover makes consistency difficult to achieve in the casino industry).  Ileana was so well respected we planned to use her for personalized coaching in troublesome areas.

, Employee Relations and Communications Manager Reno Casino

Ileana was presented a challenge with our leadership team. The retreats were very helpful, and the leadership team now has some interaction agreements that we hold each other to on an ad hoc basis, and refer to formally in a meeting every 6 months. Our regular meetings are absolutely shaped by the work that we did with Ileana.

, Clinical Trial Director Boehringer-Ingelheim

Training Skills:

The class was so incredible. The only thing I can relate it to is when I was twelve and discovered I had to have glasses. The first time I put them on I could see the lines on roofs between the shingles. I could see individual blades of grass. I never knew what I wasn’t seeing. That’s what this class has done for me. It really opened up my world and I’m amazed on a daily basis just how much I can bring to work and apply and the incredible results we’re getting.