What Distinguishes CEO Inc. Corporate Training Results

Creating Effective Organizations Inc. (CEO Inc.) delivers corporate training that flips typical corporate training results from 10% retention six months after training to 90% retention six months after training. Corporate training is a 60 billion dollar industry and we are dedicated to radically changing the returns. CEO provides great value and results for the time and money invested in corporate training. We measure before and after the training so you know what you got out of your time and dollar investment.

What Distinguishes Our Corporate Training Process

CEO Inc. conducts pre-corporate training assessments and interviews to really understand the organization and the individuals within the company. So we create custom designed corporate training to get great results. CEO Inc. also conducts post corporate training support and holds the organization and the individuals accountable to the skills learned in the corporate training.

Why Corporate Training is Important

  • 70% of employees leave their bosses, not their jobs
  • Most employees are only 60% productive in their jobs
  • 54% of workers in the United States are not engaged with 17% being actively disengaged
  • 43% of workers report they do not feel valued by their employers*

*All Statistics from the Gallup Organization

Recent CEO Inc. Corporate Training Results

  • Increased the presentation skills in a Fortune 100 company by 20%
  • Increased the effectiveness of leadership communication in an organization by 56%
  • Increased employee ability to handle stress by 58% in an organization
  • Increased management skills in an organization by 60%

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