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CEO Organizational Effectiveness Road Map

DNA Road Map

Do you want:

  • More control over your sales and expense level?
  • Systems that keep giving by harnessing the power of your work force?
  • A daily, quarterly and yearly pulse of working?  Bonus – You have much more control of outcomes!
  • To increase your organization’s ability to perform?
  • To make your work easier as well as your leaders’ and employees’ work easier?
  • To get results you can measure?  We conduct before and after organizational effectiveness surveys.  Bonus – results you can measure!

The CEO organizational road map starts with the DNA of the organization. We start by assessing your organization’s strength in each area of the road map. Then we focus improvement efforts on the weakest link in your organization’s DNA.   Rather than having to be hyper vigilant in keeping all the plates spinning, you will create systems that keep giving while engaging and holding the workforce accountable.

The DNA of the organization informs both the right side of the road map (which is the “soft” side) and the left side of the model (which is the business/technical side).  But most importantly the DNA insures that the technical side of the business is intimately engaged with the soft side of the business.  Too many organizations separate the two sides resulting in disparate efforts that are difficult to sustain.  Both strands come together in problem solving, because problem solving includes both the soft and the business/technical side and when the strands come together on a daily basis you create a problem solving, learning culture that gets results.

The other difference in the CEO road map as compared to what most organizations do is that we set up continuous improvement loops on both sides of the road map which do not just use rear view mirror metrics.  Rather than have the organization drive you, by using real time metrics you will drive the effectiveness of the organization and feel much more proactive than reactive.

Sometimes there is a misconception that process improvement is about reducing or improving labor, but it is really about improving overhead.  It is by combining the people side and the technical side that an organization can achieve quality results and longevity. The leadership systems that entwine the technical side and the people side are the leadership systems that harness the power of the workforce, engaging them and holding them accountable.

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