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  • To improve the organization’s performance on what the customer most cares about? Bonus – it increases customer satisfaction and potential revenue!
  • To prioritize all improvement efforts and resources based on a focus on the customer? Bonus – everyone knows where they should spend their time so they don’t spin their wheels! You have traction where it counts!

We help you create a customer excellence continuous improvement program which conducts yearly customer/client surveys as well as yearly focus groups. But most importantly we help you integrate the information into your yearly strategic plan and into daily continuous process improvement efforts. As a result your improvement efforts are customer directed and you have a framework in which to prioritize improvement efforts rather than attempting to “boil the ocean.”

Your organization will be more laser focused and you will put scarce resources to use where you will get the most bang for your buck. Your employees will have clear priorities and so will you. As a result you will all have more time back.

You will not only improve customer satisfaction but also increase your revenue.

  • We helped a client in the hospitality industry increase their customer service by 20% in one year
  • We helped a manufacturing client increase their customer service by 5% in one year

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