Do You Want

  • To create the future rather than to predict the future?
  • To have breakthrough results?
  • To incorporate the soft side and technical side of strategic planning with the organization’s DNA in such a way that it is easier to communicate and inspire your workforce? Bonus – much easier to communicate with and align the workforce!
  • To make sure competing resources are deployed to the best strategies and have less plan revisions? Bonus – there is less likelihood for plan revisions and more likelihood your plan succeeds!

We introduce our customers/clients to Hoshin Planning. It is a form of strategic planning which results in a sustained competitive advantage in innovation, quality, delivery, and cost because it facilitates the creation of business processes (systems that keep giving). As part of the input into the strategic process we use the results of the organizational effectiveness assessment of the DNA Road map, the results of the culture survey and the results of the customer experience survey, as well as the other usual inputs of the Balanced Scorecard approach. As a result your organization’s soft side and technical side of the strategic plan are integrated and aligned with your organization’s DNA.

We acid test everything in the strategic plan against the DNA of your organization. Because the strategic plan starts with your vision rather than a prediction of what will happen (iffy at best), you create the future rather than predict the future. Also as a result of being driven by the vision rather than the current problems, you create breakthrough results.

The Hoshin Planning process involves layers of your organization with the layer above determining “what” will happen and the layer below determining how to make it happen. As a result you will get employee understanding, commitment and buy in to the strategic plan. There will be fewer revisions because the people doing the work are determining their own plan. This process differs from management by objectives because it focuses on creating results oriented processes rather than just on results. As a result the results become not just sustainable but they continuously improve.

Since the planning is cross-functional, you will allocate resources through a mindful prioritization rather than have departments fight over them throughout the year.

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