• Does your hospital have HCAHPS scores below the national or state average?
  • Does your hospital have low nurse, doctor and staff engagement and satisfaction scores?
  • Is your hospital not receiving full Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements?

CEO can help you develop a strong system of operational excellence. Some recent results are:

  • Reduced nurse time to administer medications by 40 minutes per shift, giving each nurse back 40 minutes per shift to spend with patients.

  • Increased the efficiency of each pharmacist by one hour per shift.

As Lean consultants, our approach to Lean in healthcare revolves around developing a leadership team, managers, supervisors, etc. that drive the Lean implementation with new leadership systems. Once the leaders of the organization are driving Lean, the culture will naturally begin to change. The leaders must drive and support a shift into a problem solving culture. Only once a problem solving culture has begun to evolve can the Lean tools and processes be put to the full use and create the astounding results enjoyed by many hospitals.

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