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Leaders are Your Company’s Future.  How Does Your Future Look?

The Changing Face of Leadership Skills Development in Organizations

  • In the next ten years 40% of the workforce will be of retirement age
  • State studies conducted in California and Nevada project that up to 80% of management and leadership incumbents will be eligible to retire in the next 10 years

These changes make the importance of developing leaders higher than ever before.

Leadership Skills Development Will Create a Future for Your Company
Does your company have leaders who:

  • Are technically savvy but lack leadership savvy?
  • Are highly skilled but have not been given the training to succeed?
  • Are great managers but lack leadership skills such as strategic thinking and vision?
  • Are too reactive and not proactive?
  • Seem to continuously be chasing the same problems?
  • Are too much “in the weeds?”
  • Lack the ability to influence key stakeholders in the organization?

Leadership Skils Development + Group Development = Company Profit
CEO, Inc. is unique in its approach to Leadership Skill Development. We believe that a leader’s performance is only as good as the performance of his/her organization. The CEO, Inc. approach to leadership development centers around the belief that development must incorporate the interface a leader has with the group they lead.  By combining executive coaching with just in time training, in some cases with their teams, you will see measurable outcomes.

Our approach not only improves the leader’s performance but also the results of his/her organization. We not only improve the leader’s productivity and the quality of his/her work but we also improve the organization’s ability to get better results faster

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