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CEO Coaches and trainers have worked with casinos, hospitals and health care organizations, software companies, manufacturing, hospitality, school districts and the public sector.  They come from different areas of leadership so when you are looking for a coach, you will find a great fit at CEO. For example, we have one coach who specializes in project management, another had a COO role, another had manufacturing leadership roles and has hospital leadership roles, another has a huge breadth of experience with respect to culture, another has many years of experience in education, and more! Regardless of your industry and position, we are confident that we have a coach that will be of great service to you.

Our Vision For Our Business Clients:

We have a dream of businesses with strong hands and feet

  • Businesses that set high standards of quality performance and meet them

We have a dream of businesses with an intelligent brain

  • Businesses that understand their customers and how to delight them
  • Businesses that are effective in creating longevity
  • Business that make money

We have a dream of businesses with an expansive heart

  • Businesses that develop their employees and their dreams
  • Businesses that say “thank you” more often than “why didn’t you?”
  • Businesses where work is fun

We have a dream of businesses with a brave soul

  • Businesses that live a purpose thereby inspiring their cutomers, owners, leaders and employees
  • Businesses that are bottom line driven but not bottom line blind
  • Businesses where people are proud to live and own the purpose

Our Vision For Our Individual Clients’ Personal and Professional Lives is:

Dreaming with expanding borders; Living with dreams come true

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