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Whatsapp Plus Apk Download: Why You Should Do It Right Now

There is hardly anyone unfamiliar with whatsapp as these days it is one of the best useful Communication apps people are using to maintain steady contact. GBWhatsApp is an popular social networking app which has lots of features in it. Whatsapp messenger is designed by WhatsApp Inc and this app is out and out glitch free, costing not a single penny and available for all smartphones. The communication on Whatsapp can be maintained through Internet connection and using Wi-Fi. Even when 2G edge, Whatsapp can still be used, messages can still be sent but the bigger files may not be transferred. This messenger is meant for personal use and for fun. The best thing about this app, here no one would be unknown or unidentified. Just like that none can send you friend request so using this app is safe.

Process of downloading Whatsapp Plus Apk Messenger

Without having to pay a single penny SMS can be sent on whatsapp so it can be addressed as a cross-platform mobile messaging app. Although this app started journey as a communication platform for Android but with passing days, this messenger can be obtained for BlackBerry, Windows Phone and iPhone. These devices can easily message each other without facing any difficulty. Whatsapp does not consume much bigger data rather the data plan you had followed for web browsing and email can be used for WhatsApp. So for completely free of charge, you can easily stay connected to your friends and family members. Whatsapp Plus apk download paves way for creating group so with your close friends and colleagues you can share items like pictures, videos and songs easily. Today using WhatsApp Plus Apk you can call your friends and family members. The moment you will be switching from simple text messaging to Whatsapp messaging you will be getting calls, photos, voice messages and videos.

Features of Whatsapp Plus Apk messenger

  • This messenger app is free for all throughout the life and depends upon steady internet connection you can easily call the person you need without getting your main balance deducted.
  • Using the app you can send and receive photos and voice call, videos and take pleasure. Even if you are living in another country or your friend is living in different, other country you can still call and send messages.
  • Group chatting is one of the best thing of Whatsapp, you can effortlessly stay in touch with your family members and friends.
  • From your computer you can browse this messenger, right after installation you have to run the APK file and soon you will have yourself operating Whatsapp from your computer.
  • The moment you will be making international call, you don’t have to bear any extra charge, evading international SMS charge you can easily stay connected with your near dear ones.
  • You don’t have to have a user name or have to memorize a pin. Whatsapp works with your phone number and integrates and optimizes the names from the phone’s address book.
  • As long as your phone is switched on and you are having steady internet connection, you are always logged in, there wont be any misperception whether you are logged in or logged out.
  • No message will be deleted until unless you do that on your own, also you will be enjoying benefits like backing up the messages and media.

How to unlock iCloud Activation Lock Permanently?

There are lots of Smartphone fans, who have iPhone devices. Using an iPhone can give you an amazing experience of your life. These days, is a new addition to the updated versions of iOS. One can use iCloud to store a plenty of items easily and quickly, which you can access at any time. But sometimes, the iCloud might be locked due to any reason. Unlocking the iCloud lock can be a frustrating or challenging task if you do not know how to complete it. The reason behind the lock is when your phone gets stolen or lost or if you want to lock your iCloud, not to being used by any unauthorized person. This feature also prevents your naughty friends to go through your personal data. There is one feature which you get with iCloud and that is a new method to bypass iCloud Activation Lock. It is an extremely valuable feature in case someone having the wrong intention of stealing your phone.

This is really a cool feature and there is a big “BUT” that comes along with it. According to the statistics since the iCloud is launched stealing of the apple Smartphone has also decreased. When you activate this lock the operating systems low downs and some applications also slowdowns. So if you have thought of Bypass the activation lock, then it is a wise thing to do.

How to unlock iCloud lock?

Of course, when you fall into these situations, you definitely want to get rid of it. If you want to know how to permanently remove the iCloud lock, then read the below-mentioned post:

Removing the lock to your iCloud account is a simple and quick procedure. There is no need of sending your device to another person. It just takes a small interval of time to complete the process. Whether you are at home, office or any other place, you can start the process whenever you like. There are some steps to follow while unlocking the iCloud on your own. These steps are mentioned below:

  • Firstly, download the ‘Remove iCloud Activation Lock’ hack tool from the trusted web source.
  • The next thing to do is to unzip and start the process by clicking on the ‘Click Start’ option.
  • Make a connection between your computer and iPhone using USB.
  • Choose the right model of your iPhone from the list of models shown in the tool.
  • Then, click on ‘Start’ and it is highly recommended to keep waiting for some time to allow the process to be completed.
  • Afterward, the hack tool will reboot your iPhone; you need to wait for this process to take place.
  • After the completion of rebooting, you need to set the parameters of your iPhone without any hassle.

Is this a safe procedure to follow?

By proceeding with the above-mentioned steps, you can easily and safely permanently remove iCloud lock without the assistance of professionals. There is nothing to provide to the provider, like personal and bank details. Just download the tool and start the process by following the instructions, leading to provide with the unlocked iCloud easily. It is completely free of cost to use.

Showbox App Download For Free – Enjoy the Fun with Show box

Watching movies were never as interesting as it has become with Showbox. Being an incredible application, it is meant to act as a platform allowing movie lovers to watch them in High Definition Quality without paying anything. Indeed, it is a safe option to enjoy favorite movies because it is all about streaming and not torrenting. How is it safe? Talking about this, Showbox allows for streaming movies from a host that is quite unlike Torrent. It is because Torrent makes a person download tiny parts of movies from different sources and one of them might belong to anti-piracy agency leading to troubles.

Why is Showbox Needed?

Checking out movies over the internet is becoming a rage because it developed an interest in every category of individual. People with no time to visit cinema halls or movie theaters find it a perfect way to enjoy movies on the web world. This has initiated for the advent of Showbox, which is powered to allow streaming of movies. And this streaming ensures a high amount of safety because nothing is overpowered. The movies are an essential part of the entertainment, which enable a person to enjoy leisure time with much pleasure. However, before you begin downloading this amazing app it would be interesting to know what it is all about and what features does it have in store for you. Now download Showbox for PC , windows (7/8/8.1/10), laptops and mac for free.

Talking about the changing scenario of technology, users are finding it easier to watch movies with the help of the application. The best part of having Showbox is that this application can be downloaded on the smartphone, which further unveils a new world of videos. But, one concerns with this video its non-availability on Google Play Store. In order to access Showbox, the users are required to side-load it to the device like laptop or computer. In fact, the APK session of the application is ideally suitable for Android operated business.

Advantages of Showbox:

  1. Watching movies and videos exclusively without difficulty. Going as per trend, Showbox is intended to help the users in transforming their difficulty of hunting for a suitable place to watch movies at their own suitable time.
  2. Saving on costs of big flash movie halls is the biggest advantage as that amount can be enjoyed elsewhere needed.
  3. Keeping a collection of favorite movies ensure excellent times for the user because some of them might not be available elsewhere.
  4. Well, watching High Definition movies are absolutely free, which is a boon for the people not willing to spend a penny in watching movies outside.

Well, to sum up, Showbox application is a big bag of fun elements that helps an individual to unwind. When it comes to the matter of downloading the application on another device like laptop or desktop, it is always recommended to the users to check our websites from where the application is getting the download. There should a high level of authenticity in the website offering facility of a fresh mind. And who does not want to live a peaceful time by enjoying excellent pictures?


Emergenetics: The Makings of a Great Leader

Emergenetics is an instrument that identifies thought and behavior preferences. There is no one preferred Emergenetics profile for a leadership position or for that matter any particular job. Emergenetics does not measure skills, only preferences.

What IS important for any leader is to recognize their individual skill strengths and passions (preferences) and to recognize the skills sets and passions (preferences) of those who work for them, then and only then can they get the most productivity and passion out of themselves and those who work for them.

Important Skills For Good Leadership

One of the most important skills a leader needs to build is to recognize the thought preference necessary to resolve issues/tasks facing a department/organization at any point in time and to call on that thought preference by asking everyone to lean into that preference. That creates great productivity in an organization and it creates a great culture where everyone feels like their strengths are both valued and used.

So for example when a group is problem solving and you get to the point where you are tasking things out, you don’t go back to Analytical and analyze all the reasons it won’t work, or you don’t go back to Conceptual and brainstorm new solutions. Or if you are creating a strategic plan you don’t use Analytical to come up with strategies before you use Structural to gather all the facts.

Bill Gates

Analytical – Bill Gates

Bill Gates probably has Analytical as a thought preference. He is best known as a computer programmer, business man and philanthropist. He co-founded Microsoft with his partner Paul Allen. He was CEO of Microsoft until January 2000. He is probably logical and data focused; he probably gets end results and assimilates information easily.


Jimmy Carter

Structural –  Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter probably has Structural as a thought preference. He is the 39th President of the United States of America. Former President Carter is known for creating systems, for example, the Department of Energy and the Department of Education in the U.S. Government. He is probably a good implementer, follows through, is detail oriented, and brings order out of chaos.


Pope Francis

Social/Relational – Pope Francis

Pope Francis probably has Social/Relational as a thought preference. He is known for his humility, advocacy for the poor and his dedication to communicating in a way that brings people of all cultures and religions together. Pope Francis is probably caring and compassionate and is able to communicate clearly about causes that he advocates. He is probably socially sensitive and tactful.


Herb Kelleher

Social/Relational –  Herb Kelleher

Herb Kelleher probably has Social/Relational as a thought preference. He is the co-founder and former CEO of Southwest Airlines.  Southwest is consistently named among the top five Most Admired Corporations in America in Fortune magazine’s annual poll. Fortune has also called him perhaps the best CEO in America. Kelleher was inducted into the Junior Achievement U.S. Business Hall of Fame in 2004.  One of Herb Kelleher’s famous leadership quotes is, “A company is stronger if it is bound by love rather than by fear.”  He is probably socially sensitive, tactful and compassionate.


Conceptual – Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. probably had Conceptual as a thought preference. He is best known for his role in the United States civil rights movement as an advocate for nonviolent civil disobedience. Martin had the ability to paint a vision for an entire country in his “I Have Dream” speech. He was probably creative, an experimenter, intuitive about ideas, and was someone who broke down barriers to solutions.


Steve Jobs

Conceptual – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs probably had Conceptual as a thought preference.  He had a strong vision that called everyone in the company to a higher purpose.  He did not set out to build a better computer and that was not the vision around which he rallied everyone.  Instead he said, “We are here to enhance people’s lives.”  Without that vision statement Apple would have never revolutionized the music industry. Steve was someone who broke down barriers to solution, he was creative and an experimenter.

Leadership: What Matters

Tomoe_Gozen Artist Depiction by Kikuchi Yosai (1781-1878)

Tomoe_Gozen Artist Depiction by Kikuchi Yosai (1781-1878)

My stomach is so contracted it feels as small and as hard as a nut.  My tongue feels swollen and my mouth is dry and cracked.  My muscles are wobbly and shake with each step.  Stop, Hajime.  These sensations are not worthy of a samurai.  Just one foot in front of the other, you are almost at the Kyoto city gates and there is bound to be work. Best tips to Buy best laptops under $500

But who will hire me?  My clothes are in tatters, my bones jut out of my clothes. My only way is my sword.  And it is dead to me now.  I am a living ghost.

I hear something, a human voice.  It is singing, but like I have never heard before.  I hold my breath and stop walking, listening with every fiber of my being.  The hair on my arms and the back of my neck prickle and seem to reach to the voice.  My body moves towards the voice and my muscles are jolted with adrenaline. I soon pass the city gates and start running on unsteady legs towards the theater and the voice.  The door is blocked by a long wooden staff.  “You can’t come in here.  Buy a ticket.”

I  lean against the wall and slide to the ground, my soul absorbed by the voice.  I hear the audience stunned into silence.  I feel prickles at the corners of my eyes, but I can’t, I just won’t.  That would be the last indignation.  My heart breaks into smaller and smaller pieces with each note.  I start to expand and feel warm until nothing, nothing matters and everything is important.

The performance is over and I struggle to my feet.  The audience files out talking in animated voices, “Tomoe’s southern costumes are vibrant and beautiful.”  I struggle to catch a glimpse of Tomoe.  Another voice sighs “Her being glitters.”   I strain to see her.  I give up and wait until all the audience has left the theater.

And in an instant she appears in front of me.  I look staggered from her face to the ground, at her kimono back to her face.  Her lips are bright red.  Her beautiful full face is flushed with exhilaration.  I bow and all that comes out of my mouth is “Unhh”.  How can that be all that comes out of my mouth, now?  I who have faced and cheated death more times than I can count?  And now I face life and all I can say is “Unh!”

She starts to edge by me.  I can’t let her go, not now.  I have to think of something brilliant to say, something that will stop her.  My eyes cling to her as she is turning away, willing her to stay.  My palms are sweating and my brain is scrambling.

She stops and turns around.  She smiles, “What did you experience samurai?”

I square my shoulders and raise my chin.  My brain clears and my gaze steadies, “I felt my heart break into pieces and my being expanded until nothing mattered and everything mattered.”

I count ten heartbeats of silence.

“Would you like to learn our ways samurai?  There are others like you.  Meet us here at sunrise.  You will need to sell your sword to pay your way.”  And with that her kimono swirls as she melts into the crowds and haze of the city.

I look after her in bewilderment.  My body is frozen in the after math of her words.  I feel prickles of alarm which turn into jolts of anger.  Sell my sword, not likely!  Who does she think she is anyway?

There are many inns and eating places across from the theater.  Even though it is the last of my money I need food and rest.  I will find work tomorrow, with my sword.

The inn is full of people eating and drinking after the performance.  I can hear the bubbling “Wasn’t she beautiful?”  “What a slender waist!”  “I can’t decide if I like her dancing better or her voice better.”  She dances? And I missed it?

I shake my head to get the thoughts and voices out of my head.  I order my food determined to ignore the words around me.

A samurai sits across from me.  “Did you see the performance? “   I wince and renew my focus on devouring my food and drink.  “You know Tomoe was a samurai?  She is renowned both for her archery and her swordsmanship, she is worth a thousand swordsmen, and is known for her valor.”  Stunned into further silence I fiercely chew.

How could she have been a samurai?  How could she have given it up?  Why is she singing?  Well that is a stupid question, how could she not sing?  And that thought screeches time to a halt.

Later, feeling sated, I am led to my room.  I stand at the threshold undecided and torn.  I thank my host.  I turn myself around and I go out into the streets, in search of a buyer.