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Public Sector

Public Sector

Public Sector

CEO has worked with the public sector in both city and state government in the United States and provincial government in Canada.  We have helped the public sector develop their leaders and as a result have “up and coming” leaders in place for when current leaders retire.  We have helped increase leader skill sets and better prepare them for current as well as future challenges.  We have provided both leadership training and executive coaching.  Here are some of our results:

  • Worked with the leadership team of Office of Personnel Management of Nevada and helped them develop their vision, mission and values and increased the engagement of their employees.
  • In a project with the Supreme Court of Nevada, we conducted an organizational assessment and co-created and delivered customized leadership training, workshops, and leadership coaching. The program increased management skills overall by 73% and employee job satisfaction by 28%.
  • We co-facilitated in the Nevada Certified Public Managers program for supervisors and acted as an adviser for the Certified Public Managers’ projects, which have saved the state of Nevada over $2,000,000.00.

We have also worked with the public sector in increasing their efficiencies and performance by implementing Lean processes.

  • We created and implemented a solution to five Nevada State Agencies that increased the efficiency of hiring by 50% and their service delivery time by 30%
  • We taught the principles of Lean to hundreds of state wide Nevada leadership employees.
  • We worked with five Nevada state agencies in improving the efficiency of their core processes so the agencies increased their responsiveness to their customers and decreased their costs of supplying services.  In one case the agency cut their service time in half.

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