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Customers Blames Flipkart for Increasing MRPs and offering Fake Discounts on Various Products

The biggest reason behind the Consumers swarming from offline stores to E-Commerce websites is the tangible and striking discounts that the latter offer. Consumers have much confidence and belief in all the topmost websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Paytm,Recommended Site etc. Some websites are utilising the customer’s faith and are selling the products by increasing the MRP and showing as they are giving exclusive offers and discounts for that particular product.

Flipkart caught offering fake discount on wedges

Flipkart is one of the popular E-Commerce website that gets busted and caught by offering fake discounts on various products. A Flipkart customer has bought to light that the offers that these sites display might be lucrative, but they are fake are manipulated.

Recently, a Facebook user Mani Shankar Sen have exposed the true color of Flipkart by showcasing an example of how such a popular E-commerce site deliberately increasing the price of products and creating fake delusion of offering massive discounts.

On the Flipkart’s Facebook page, a photo was posted by Kolkata-based Mani Sankar Sen that shows a pair of wedges where the company is selling on the website for Rs 399, down from their original price of Rs 799. However, give a close look at the product’s image on the listing page that shows actual price of the product is present on the wedges as Rs. 399. Flipkart manipulated that it is offering 50% discount down from their original price of Rs. 799 on that product.

Sen posted a screenshot of the product displaying a clear image of the product on Flipkart’s Facebook page and wrote:

Dear Flipkart Team… Whenever we think of online shopping, we definitely check your site first for the product availability. You have built huge brand value in India. But these incidents damage customers’ trust factor, as well as your brand value. Please see the picture attached…

In response, Flipkart said: “Sorry about this Mani. Checking on this… will have this rectified at the earliest.”

Flipkart caught offering fake discounts

“The product has already been removed from our website. Appropriate action taken,” Flipkart assured a customer on its Facebook page.

Another customer of Flipkart, Sarthak Sekhar shared a similar screenshot, where Formujet Inkjet Ink 200ml bottle had an MRP of Rs 1,100 on Flipkart. The real price of the ink bottle was only Rs 300 and was clearly printed on the bottle displayed on the site. Flipkart made an illusion that it is offering 27% discount on the product down the original price and placed for Rs. 800. In this way, Flipkart is gaining profits along with massive demand for its products from public.

Flipkart offers fake discounts

The poster boy of Indian e-commerce received a lot of aggravation from users, who wrote comments like:

Yash Chaudhari: What more we can expect from Flipkart, due to this they are Giant in Indian eCommerce business.

Shivakiran Boppana: What will u rectify… will you now add 799 tag to this….. LOL

Amit Sharma: This is not about One product many product are listed like this, even same product with different MRPs and selling price

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One of the Facebook user posted in comments:

All they did now is they Photoshopped the image and removed the MRP, while keeping the same 50% off ‘fake’ offer.

“The product listing page has already been removed from our website. Appropriate action taken.” Flipkart assured a customer on its Facebook page.

Sunil, a Twitter user posted more screenshots unveiling many other ‘mind blowing’ discounts offered by Flipkart.

Facebook user unveils Flipkart’s mindblowing discounts

Flipkart customer unveils mindblowing discounts

In spite of facing lot of issues while shopping online, the trend of e-shopping remains top on the priority list of Consumers’. Customers are highly recommended to be vigilant and check the original MRP of products before purchasing products from online websites.

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