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CEO has a broad range of industry experience, having worked with high-tech, manufacturing, publishing, pharmaceuticals, gaming, health care, software, consulting firms, and higher education.  A large percentage of CEO clients are Fortune 100 and 500 corporations.

When economic times are bad, corporations focus on decreasing costs and the bottom line. They pay less attention to their culture and employee engagement.  In good economic times, corporations focus on employee surveys and holding morale events.  The pendulum swings back and forth without having one consistent strategy. The over swing of the pendulum results in less than optimum results. A successful strategy is a strategy that addresses both the financial side of business and employee strategies simultaneously, while ensuring that the strategies are all unified by who that corporation is meant to be in the world (the organization’s DNA).

Steve Jobs did not set out to make the best computer.  He always asked himself: “what is the dent I want to make in the universe?”  His answer was to enhance people’s lives.  That enabled him to revolutionize the music industry.  He always kept his strategies true to who he wanted Apple to be.

Is staying true to who you want yourself and your business to be your focus? That is what the CEO road map insures.  CEO can help you improve your bottom line performance as well as employee engagement by following one road map, one integrated strategy that focuses rather than dilutes your efforts.  Follow the road map to success.  It includes:

  • Vision creation, what is your company’s DNA? Who does your company want to be in the world? Who do your employees need to be to make that vision happen?
  • Customer excellence
    • Strategic planning
    • Performance improvement
  • Leadership Development
    • Executive coaching
    • Leadership training
  • Culture counts
    • Building teams
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Problem solving culture

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