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BitTorrent Launched “Shoot” App – Share Photos And Videos Easily Via QR Codes

BitTorrent has launched a new mobile application “Shoot” that lets you easily share files such as photos and large videos with other mobile devices including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone Smartphones. The newly introduced Shoot app facilitates you to share large videos and images from one device to other via QR code scanning. BitTorrent lets you download the Shoot app directly from “Google Play”, “Apple’s App Store”, and “Windows Phone Store”. The new mobile application Shoot has been developed by using “BitTorrent’s Sync-file Sharing Technology” that allows you to transfer the files.

BitTorrent – “Shoot” App:

“Shoot”, the new image and video sharing mobile application from BitTorrent provide you a major benefit to batches of photos or big video files in an easier way. This app is developed using “BitTorrent’s Sync’s Technology” that lets you share a huge number of files hastily. For the first time, BitTorrent has introduced this technology without the need of sharing files via Cloud Service. You need not upload or download using the cloud service in which you can share photos and videos between the mobile devices through this specific use case. Discover More about Karan Vyas and his latest articles on gadgets, apps.

BitTorrent lets the user make use of new mobile application, ‘Shoot’ in three simple steps. BitTorrent lets you make your first three sends for free in order to try this product. After the first three transfers, you’ll be prompted to pay $1.99. BitTorrent ensures the receiver that the product will always be free. However, an in-app purchase is required to enable unlimited transfer of files from the sender side, whereas the users can receive the files for free.

Three Simple Steps to Use “Shoot” App

  • Initially, open the app and tap on ‘Send’ that lets you select photos and video from your device that you wish to send.
  • You need to select the people with whom you want to share. It generates a QR code that must be scanned on your device. You can then share the selected items among any number of devices.
  • The items or files that you have selected will be transferred automatically between the selected devices.

Benefits of ‘Shoot’ App

  • You can share Photos and Videos among your friends and beloved ones.
  • Shoot App facilitates you to send massive files within less amount of time.
  • You need not use Cloud service for sending and receiving files.
  • The data which is shared using Shoot app will remain completely private, safe and secure.
  • BitTorrents lets you send unlimited number of files to various devices including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • You will be able to transfer huge files easily and hastily.
  • One major advantage of Shoot app is, it doesn’t require the two devices to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

BitTorrent’s Shoot app seems to compete many other newcomers on the market and may face bigger challenge of achieving mainstream adoption. Currently, there are a number of alternative ways to share photos or videos, ranging from public social networks to private messaging apps that can be shared via to email and even platform-specific solutions like Apple’s AirDrop, etc. But, it is for sure that all these existing platforms donot have the same benefits as Shoot does, with regard to speed, privacy, or cross-platform support, usage of QR codes and many more. Definitely, Shoot app will become more popular and utilized by many people for sharing files between various devices.

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